Functional Medicine

Certified with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

We use a systems based approach to manage chronic disease such as IBS & Gastrointestinal, fatigue, thyroid disorder, cardio metabolic syndrome, and more.

Services: Specialty Labs, Nutritional Counseling, Supplementation

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Why functional Medicine Is So Important

Functional Medicine enhances the practice of Internal Medicine by integrating nutrition, exercise, stress management, and supplements where appropriate. Often people have a feeling of ill health but with no actual concrete disease. In other words you are not sick enough to be labeled with a disease process or diagnosis but you are not well either. Patients we often help are those with irritable bowel, fatigue, or thyroid issues. In this case we drill down and investigate to see what body systems are involved and not working at optimum and what can we do to help your body to correct yourself so that symptoms are improved and more importantly you are functioning better and in the long run prevent disease.

Truth is we can take any Internal Medicine problem and see what else we can do to assist in healing, in addition to the western approaches we already do. Traditional medicine was designed for acute care medicine. For example if you are having chest pain it needs to be addressed aggressively or if you are having an appendicitis attack you need a surgeon. Functional Medicine takes time to dig down to the root of the problem and develop a strategy to help restore and revitalize ourselves so we function as we are meant to before that chest pain can occur. Access to health care is not the biggest issue in today’s affluent society. It is a matter of spending our health care dollars wisely to promote behaviors that promote our own health and wellbeing. Spending health care dollars in this manner is far more efficient than scrambling to put the fires in your body out as it is happening.