Lifestyle Medicine

Our focus with Lifestyle Medicine is to manage and prevent chronic diseases through Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Hygiene and Stress Management.

Why Lifestyle Medicine Is So Important

Lifestyle Medicine was incorporated into our practice because we wanted to help patients implement what we were advocating for them. It wasn’t enough to tell patients to go eat right and exercise. We want to give patient tools to implement them one idea at a time. It involves Mediterranean diet, exercise, stress management and supplements at its core. This is modified and customized according to the individual’s problems goals and life issues. It is not intended for a quick fix or a quick weight loss although both may happen. It is intended to make a lifetime change not only in yourself but also in your family that promotes good health.

The most exciting thing I have observed is how much better a person starts feeling when they adopt the changes we recommend. Most people don’t realize how badly they feel or think this is normal. All we do is encourage some positive lifestyle changes and eliminate the negative ones. We have hired a wellness educator and coach to assist patients on this journey to good health.

Your Body – Your Home:
Picture your body as your home. We can move all over the world but the one house we will always have is our own body. We often take our body for granted until we get sick. It could be a simple flu, or something serious and life threatening like cancer. It is in those moments when we realize how difficult it is to go throughout our day when we feel weak, tired, sick and vulnerable. Our body’s health is the most precious treasure we will ever own. This treasure allows us to live, breath, think, dream and accomplish the life we have envisioned.

In our busy lives we often forget how our choices impact our body’s foundation. Each choice we make can either strengthen or deteriorate the foundation in which our health is built upon. We can increase our healthy choices to create stronger walls- equipped with a strong lock that will keep out the thieves of stress and illness. This program teaches us how to rebuild our health on the strongest base possible. It will support us despite the dangerous threats around us. Together, we will build a foundation one component at a time by focusing on all aspects that can support your health.

Our Lifestyle Education Program 

  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Body Composition Evaluation
  • Total Body Symptom Analysis
  • State-of-the-Art Technology – HeartMath, & BioMat
  • Wellness Coaching Providing you With Education & Support

Supplements Program Designed Just For You:

Unique blend of plant based extracts and other nutrients for a targeted approach offering multi-functional support..

Designed to help reduce inflammation, reduce fatigue, protect your cells & build better cell membranes, support bone strength, support health intestinal & immune health, used as a tool to maximize your healthy habits.

Get started today with our Lifestyle Education Program: Building Foundations for Good Health