Sleep. There is a time for everything…

Hopefully, you are finding yourself feeling better on this journey towards wellness by changing the way you eat and adding exercise to your life.  I want to add another element to the mix, specifically, our rest and sleep patterns. Sleep is vital to good health.

How many of us get enough sleep?  Do we wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face a new day?  Do we consider the quality of our sleep important? When do we rest our brain?  We are the only nation that does not consider sleep and rest important.

The truth is sleep is a very important activity in our daily lives.  Our bodies heal and restore itself when we sleep.  Many normal physiological activities happen when we sleep that are beneficial to us.  It is when we sleep that our minds process and find solutions to various challenges and obstacles.  Lack of sleep has many adverse effects also.  Our metabolisms become sluggish, our brains become foggy, our moods become unpredictable, and we are more prone to disease.

Why do we have so much trouble with sleep?  Our lifestyles with its busy frenzied tension-filled pace makes it difficult for us to relax enough to sleep.  We are so busy connecting to our devices we don’t give our brains a chance to slow down.  So here is a thought.  Let us all work to make good quality sleep and rest a priority in our lives.  Take a weekend and just rest.  Our minds will be better able to tackle our daily demands much better. There are so much benefits to improving our sleep.  Our bodies and our brains will work better we can be more productive and happier in our lives.

If simple measures do not help, please contact your doctor and talk to them about your restlessness.

By: Dr. Abraham