Our Lifestyle Program

Building Foundations for Good Health

Dr. Geni Abraham

Building Foundations For Good Health is a comprehensive lifestyle program that aims to empower individuals to take proactive steps toward changing their lives for the better. The program is physician-led, scientifically based, and individualized to support the body in healing and preventing chronic disease.

Throughout this journey, you will work one-on-one with our Certified Health & Wellness Coach to learn about the four most fundamental factors that are essential for good health and eliminating chronic disease.

The four most fundamental factors which are the cornerstone of the Lifestyle Program are nutrition, physical activity, stress management and quality sleep. We use state of the art technology, wellness coaching, education and support for your long-term success in bridging the gap between your body distressed and your body restored.

Dr. Geni Abraham

Body Distressed

Excess Weight
Unhealthy Body Composition
Brain Fog
Chronic Health Conditions

Body Restored

Healthy Weight
Improved Fitness Levels
Increased Energy
Improved Mindset
Quality Sleep Habits
Cognitive Health
Increased Resilience
Reduced Inflammation
Long-Term Health
Dr. Geni Abraham

Individuals who have completed the program report improved health, energy, weight loss, digestion, mobility, and mental outlook! Are you ready to join us?

Building Foundations for Good Health Wellness Plan

Lifestyle Program

Dr. Geni Abraham


  • Wellness Coaching Providing You With Education and Support
    • Individual Goal Setting and Education
    • Comprehensive Nutrition Education & Counseling
    • Mindfulness/Stress Management Techniques
    • Sleep Hygiene Guidelines
    • Exercise Suggestions
  • Body Composition Evaluation
  • Total Body Symptom Analysis
  • Supplements Available


Our patients are learning to focus on self-care, and they are feeling better and experiencing improved health outcomes.

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