5 Tools to Transform Your Life Through Goal Setting

How do you achieve the life of your dreams? The first step is to create a vision that will guide you on your path to what you desire. Without a clear vision we can lose our focus and allow circumstances to distract us from our course. It is very important to create goals and design action plans to achieve those goals. If goals are done properly and specifically they can transform your life. It is important to lay out goals for every area of your life: personal, emotional, spiritual, physical/health, financial.
If your goal is to lose 40 pounds, for example, you would include action plans such as going to the gym three days per week. What is the vision that will inspire you to continue the action steps necessary to achieve this goal? Perhaps it is seeing yourself feeling vibrant in a body you love and being proud of your accomplishments. You now see yourself feeling emotionally powerful, having better relationships, filled with more energy and exuding confidence.
Setting goals is a fundamental key to all lifelong success plans. Use these five tools to help you reach your goals.

Design Your Goal
Determine a crystal-clear goal and focus on the result that you really want. Without goals our energy is scattered, and we will be less effective. You must write down your goals. Just the action of writing something down sets the wheels in motion. It makes ideas more concrete and will hold you accountable for working toward your goals. Use positive language and make sure your goals align with your vision. We often get caught up in what we think we should be doing instead of going after what we are truly passionate about. It is helpful to set goals that are SMART. Specific: Set a desired outcome as explicitly as possible. Measurable: identify the ways in which you will track your progress. Action-oriented: outline the specific steps that will enable you to complete the goal. Realistic: Create a goal that you are willing and able to accomplish. Timely: Set a deadline or time for achieving your goal to help keep you motivated.

Create Goals from a Place of Gratitude
Our state of mind is very important in setting and achieving goals. When we come from a place of scarcity, lack or disappointment we will hinder our progress toward our desired goal. We need to line up with the feelings of abundance and gratitude to be in alignment with those things we truly desire. Take a few deep breaths and spend at least ten minutes writing down or thoughtfully pondering those things for which you are most grateful. Focus on those things that bring you joy until you fill up with that feeling of appreciation and gratitude. This is the energy that will break through any resistance to the creation and achievement of our goals.

Focus on What You Desire
Whatever we focus on consistently we will experience in our life. Your brain is a supercomputer and your self-talk runs the program. If you tell yourself that you can never lose weight, you may be self-sabotaging your weight loss efforts without even realizing it. Don’t limit your future based on past experiences. Focus instead on how you love being active, energetic and fit, and your brain will supply the means to get you there. Think of the kind of person you want to be in the future. For example, if you are trying to quit smoking, don’t just focus on the will power required to resist cigarettes. Focus on becoming a non-smoker and the freedom that comes with that. How your immune system will be stronger, your skin will look healthier, and your breathing and exercising will become easier. Think in terms of end results with a clear vision of what you desire. Maintain a laser focus on your goals. Wake up and go to sleep focusing on your goals. Get in that state of certainty – how will you feel when you achieve your goal?

Celebrate Small Wins
Big goals are great, and they inspire us to keep going and keep growing. But our big goals are not going to happen overnight. A goal may be too big to swallow in one bite and will need to be broken down into yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals to get us there. We need to focus on the small and significant steps we take along the path to the big goal. By celebrating the small wins, we will stay motivated and have the strength to stay on our path. New Year’s Resolutions often fail because we are trying to accomplish everything all at once. Whether we have an intention to quit something such as smoking or drinking or to start something such as an exercise plan, we need to pick a date of completion and slowly build to the outcome we desire.

Visualize Your Goals as Achieved
Visualization is a powerful tool to help you reach your goals. It is the process of creating what you want through crystal clear pictures in your mind. Start to imagine what you will feel like, what your world will look like once you’ve achieved your goal. Creating a vision board can be a powerful, fun activity. Make a collage filled with pictures of your future goals. By surrounding yourself with images of the goal that you want to achieve, you make sure that you’re always keeping your goal in mind. This means that your brain will be working on how to achieve your goal on a subconscious level around the clock, and you will be inspired with ideas on how to move toward your goal.
The ultimate reward of goal setting is not necessarily the attainment of the desired outcome but who we become on our path toward our desired achievements.


Diane Duvall, CLC, CHHC, CPT
Diane Duvall is a Life Coach and Certified Health Coach for the Lifestyle Medicine Practice of Dr. Geni Abraham, Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine. Our Internal Medicine Practice is an integrated medical practice with a focus on Lifestyle Medicine to prevent chronic disease and promote health and wellness.
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