When Should You Buy Organic?

Each year the Environmental Working Group publishes their updated “Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce”.  EWG is a nonprofit organization that advocates for policies that protect global and individual health.  Their Shopper’s Guide is based on results of more than 35,200 samples of produce tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration. Their guide helps consumers to reduce their exposure to toxic pesticides. They rank the pesticide contamination of 48 popular fruits and vegetables.  The produce is tested for pesticide residues after it has been thoroughly washed and prepared to be eaten.  Their “Dirty Dozen” list notes those fruits and vegetables with the highest pesticide residues.  It is important to buy organic when purchasing from this list of produce.  Their “Clean Fifteen” list notes the least contaminated fruits and vegetables.  These are safer choices of conventionally grown produce.  Use this guide to provide easy-to-use advice when shopping for your favorite fruits and vegetables.


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